Aprile Elcich在St. Lawrence的古董市场买到一本名为”The Royal Family”的剪贴簿,里面贴满了上世纪五十年代至六十年代从报纸上剪下来的英国女王和其家族的照片和资料。Aprile Elcich利用这本册子上的素材,辅以其他的材料进行拼贴,还出了本书。

Entitled “The Royal Family”, this mixed media collage series was inspired by a pair of scrapbooks found at the St. Lawrence antique market filled with newspaper clippings of Queen Elizabeth and her family during the 1950’s and 60’s. Aprile Elcich‘s collages recreate the scrapbooks, changing the composition and adding materials to give each page a deeper meaning. All of these pieces are created on the actual scrapbook pages themselves, resulting in brittle and delicate collages which further the character and feelings of nostalgia in each piece.