Pleats Please是三宅一生(Issey Miyake)极富创新的服饰子品牌,自1993年发布以来,已有快十年的时间。采用整片涤纶聚脂纤维,裁剪和缝纫成型后,夹入纸层之中,压紧、热熨,形成永久褶皱。Taschen出版社近期出版的《Between the Pleats》一书中,通过大量的文本和图片,首次披露了这种革新性的服装从创意到制作生产的过程。

For the first time, the story of this revolutionary line of clothing is being told. For anyone who loves Pleats Please Issey Miyake, 《Between the Pleats》 is a must-have as the design process is explored through a vast array of texts and images, tracing its journey from inception through material development to its public reception. Interestingly, the explanation of its evolution also includes for the first time a section not only revealing the creation of the original thread — but also the way the pleating is done! Probably a process best left to the experts but still fascinating to see.