Charlotte Mei今年刚刚毕业于坎伯韦尔艺术学院,她的插画陶盘,仿佛出自小朋友之手,洋溢着单纯的快乐。不规则的盘形和涂鸦,云朵衬底的山水画,长出了鼻子嘴巴的盘子,还有永远不开心的小朋友的脸蛋儿⋯⋯傻傻惹人爱。

Charlotte Mei indulges her inner child with a slew of ceramic creations that could very well have been crafted by a child. A recent graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, Charlotte Mei’s work is full of charm and wit. Usually portraying irresistible expressions, Charlotte Mei includes cute faces that are often complemented by oddly shaped plates. From toast to heads and the odd abstract creation, Charlotte Mei’s ceramics are one of a kind wonders.