J Powers Bowman的画,仿佛坠入了卡尔维诺笔下的某座看不见的城市之中。轮船、太阳能板、中世纪风车、火箭、卫星天线、混凝土大厦、多立克立柱⋯⋯无数的元素交织着古老与现代文明和乌托邦式的幻想,组成了极其复杂的黑白画面。

Obsessively composed and exhaustively detailed, J Powers Bowman‘s beautiful fantasies feature steamships, solar panels, medieval windmills, doric columns, space rockets, satellite dishes, oriental huts, stray cogs and squally seas circling concrete tower blocks. Coupled with such wonderfully evocative titles as Atoll, Islet, Fleet, Flight Deck and Palm, these drawings really do have the power to transport you to a world you never imagined.