Lapo是一位非常擅长用插画来说故事的人。他的插画专注于人物和人物塑造,寥寥数笔来阐释当代有趣的社会现象,“In Paris”系列25幅作品,生动的展现了当代巴黎人的巴黎生活,十分有趣,一针见血。Lapo 1981年出生于里约热内卢,现居里斯本。

Lapo is a contemporary storyteller with a background in Art Direction and Illustration. Focusing on characters and characterization, the multi-disciplinary artist likes to use drawing, painting and animation to interpret experiences and the sociology of culture concerning the ways of thinking, the ways of acting and the material objects that together shape people’s way of life.

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