Melinda Josie出生于加拿大安大略省的米尔顿,不久后她就搬去了马斯科卡,并在那里度过了被各种儿童绘本和玩具包围着的快乐童年,这些经历令她的创作充满了童 心。现在Melinda Josie是一名自由插画师,居住在多伦多,主要为儿童绘本作画,并从事纺织品设计,她的作品也经常出现在艺术画廊中。

Melinda Josie was born in Milton, Ontario, Canada and soon after moved to Muskoka. Here she spent her younger years. Her childhood was a happy one, full of picture books and pet bunnies. She attended Sheridan College, then moved to Toronto, where she’s lived and worked since. She is currently working free-lance illustrating children’s books, editorial work, creating textile designs, and making fine art for gallery shows and commissions.

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