David Barth 1998年出生于鹿特丹,自从可以握笔以来,他就开始画画。身为阿斯伯格综合症(自闭症)患者,小小年纪的他对世界就有着独特的视角,丰富而细腻的细节,超越常人的构图能力,令人不禁遐想他身处的那个小世界是怎样一番绚丽多彩。

David Barth was born in Rotterdam in 1998, he has been drawing ever since he could hold a pen. As an Asperger Syndrome patient, he has always had his own unique perspective to the world, filled with rich and delicate details, and extraordinary composition ability. One cannot help but wonder what it’s like to see the world in his eyes.