James Henkel是一位极具玩心的艺术家,孩童般无边的想象力和“解决问题”的赤诚热情,促使他将身边的物件幻化成令人难以忘怀的感性之作。


Artist James Henkel is an expert at play. With an imaginative spirit and a passion for problem solving, Henkel transforms every day objects, occurrences and scenes into quirky and eye-catching images. “All work alone. Very alone. It’s almost like improvisational theater. I find objects and just start to play. I ask myself : Why am I interested in this ? What are its qualities ? I see something, pick it up, take it to the studio… and keep it ; sometimes it sits in the studio for a couple years. It gets used or maybe it gets recycled. The objects become metaphors and symbols. I just continue to revisit things. It is play with purpose. There is a problem-solving element that I really enjoy.  It’s like being a kid, I grew up an only child: the being alone part goes hand in hand with imagination.” –James Henkel