Bill Doyle‘s Aran Islands

December 27th, 2011

爱尔兰国宝级摄影师Bill Doyle(1926 – 2010)被誉为爱尔兰的布列松,多年来,自学成才的他用黑白影像捕捉爱尔兰阿伦群岛人们淳朴而原始的生活方式。然而,与快门不停按的布列松的相异之处在于,他是一位非常珍惜昂贵胶片的“one-shot”摄影师。

阿伦群岛,在这片堪称世外桃源的岛屿上,当地的人们一直使用爱尔兰语,并遵循从旧时沿袭下来的生活方式,安静而悠然。Bill Doyle自1960年代以来拍摄的大量阿伦群岛渔民的生活剪影,均收录在《The Aran Islands: Another World》一书中。

Bill Doyle, who passed away last year at the age of 85, was often referred to as Ireland’s Cartier-Bresson and had a knack for artfully capturing the scenes of the world around him. During his trips to the islands, he was able to photograph many of the people and their daily activities and in 1999 a collection of these pictures were published together in a single volume titled The Aran Islands – Another World.

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