Maxwell Anderson

February 28th, 2012

“在Jun离开的那个夏天,我们都以为再也见不到对方。然而,面对一切都慢慢沉淀为回忆,我们觉得非常痛苦。一年后,Jun来伦敦见我,这些照片便是2009年7月里最美好的10天时光的纪录。”-摄影师Maxwell Anderson不经修饰的快拍,纯粹到有些伤感,每张照片仿佛都宣告着离别日的到来。

When Jun left that summer, we thought we would never see each other again. However, we found it too painful to accept just a memory. One year later, Jun came to visit me in London. Maxwell Anderson‘s photographs document the short ten day stay in July 2009, accompanied by personal email exchanges.

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