Andrew Miller

April 5th, 2012

如今,品牌对我们生活的影响可谓无所不在,每一件物品不免被打上品牌的烙印。品牌的Logo、色彩系统、符号或是口号,在不经意间左右着人们的选择,而物品原本的模样,却逐渐被忽略了。这或许是设计公司 Carbone Smolan战略师Andrew Miller开始项目“Brand Spirit”的重要缘由。 他计划用100天的时间,将100件价格低于10美元的生活用品以漆成白色的方式来“去品牌化”,还原物品原本的形态。脱去华丽的外衣,一些物品身上的品牌印记被瞬间抹去,诸如Livestrong手环、mm豆,你甚至分辨不出这是什么玩意儿。

Whether you’re driving down a city street or peeking into your snack pantry, it is nearly impossible to avoid being exposed to hundreds of logos. Which is why we were so impressed by Andrew Miller is going where no man has gone before: imagining a world without brands. For 100 days Miller is painting an object white, which will, in his words “reduc[e] the object to its purest form.” From Tabasco sauce to dollar bills, these everyday objects are erased of all meaning before our eyes. Because we’ve become so used to looking at branded objects, it’s jarring to see these denuded shapes. Miller’s unbranded objects make us ponder the radical strangeness of a world permeated by corporate influence.

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