An Exhibition of Childrens Chairs

May 23rd, 2012

近期,纽约创意商店(也是多媒体创作团队)Partners & Spade正在举行一个儿童椅的展览。这些诞生于1890-1990年间的经典儿童椅均来源于Mondo Cane画廊老板Patrick Parrish的收藏,此次展览将一直延续到6月10日,若你对某张椅子动了心,可在展览现场或线上进行购买。

A new exhibition at New York’s Partners & Spade opens this Thursday, and features a selection of interesting children’s chairs from the collection of Patrick Parrish. Patrick operates the furniture and design store Mondo Cane. The exhibition runs from May 17th to June 10th and the chairs are available for sale both in-store and online.


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